2013 May

Goose Bumps

May 29, 2013 |

How often do you get goose bumps? Not the kind you get when you walk out of the shower, or even the kind you get when you watch a creepy movies and something moves quickly across the screen. Instead, we’re … Read More

How Do You Say Hello?

May 21, 2013 |

Here’s a quick little experiment I want you to try. It’ll only take a minute or two but will have a lasting impact. I promise. Ready?

Put your hands up in front of you. Now count on your fingers how … Read More

The Best Advice You’ll Ever Get

May 12, 2013 |

You’ve seen the online advertisements. They’ll promise you riches and wealth that’s you’ve never experienced before, but the people who they use as testimonials are “not truly indicative of what the typical response”. They promise you freedom from burden but … Read More

How To Save $1,000 in Less Than One Minute

May 5, 2013 |

A man once explained how he could save $1,000 in less than a minute. Needless to say we were a bit dubious. “It’s easy,” he said. He continued on to show me how.

He explained it this way: “My wife … Read More

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