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Not all traffic streets are equal. I was leaving a meeting in an area of town that I’m unfamiliar with. The business owner gave me directions to get back onto the main road. Little did I know that I was now about to enter a Crossover Displaced Left-Turn zone.

As I made my turn, I found myself facing oncoming traffic. I stopped my car on the line and put my left turn signal on. The people who were stopped in front of me started waving their arms to my left, indicating I should complete my turn. Assuming this made sense, since when the light changed to green they would be plowing into me, I heeded their advice and made the turn onto the frontage road leading to the highway I needed to be on.

Still a bit bewildered by what had just happened, I determined to look at a map and then try the turn again the next time I was in the area. I hoped it would make more sense then. But the point is, I needed to keep moving to complete my left turn, which was more of a U turn onto a separated highway ramp.

Have you found yourself at a stand-still in the marketing of your business? You’ve made a turn to social media, but you’ve come to a halt in the midst, unsure of which direction to turn? Or you’re facing your traditional direct mail campaign, but you aren’t clear how to connect it with your online presence, and you feel stuck? One way to avoid inert strategies is to be sure you have a plan, and that you have clearly communicated that plan with your organization so that you are all moving in the same direction, communicating the same key message to your audience.

We, at Merge Left Marketing, can help you make a plan and keep you moving on the highway with lots of visibility to those desiring your services. So, don’t stay stuck. Merge Left and keep moving forward.

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