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Companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages. And companies with more indexed pages get far more leads. Unfortunately, people can be distracted by shiny round objects. With paid SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) increasingly playing a role in business success, it becomes especially easy to be dazzled by promises of number one page rank and high search listings – only to be caught off guard when the promises become excuses.

Merge Left Marketing won’t bog you down with promises that cost you thousands of dollars to “sort of” work for keywords or phrases you should already rank high for. We also won’t give you high listings in a tiny pond (exclusive to a search engine nobody uses) or a toolbar that people have to download before they see your website come up. Instead, we’ll focus on building you a foundation that keeps you solidly in place for words that people actually search for – not just your business name.

We also manage and handle all account advertising for Facebook, Twitter, Google Adwords, Adsense, BING and more.

Get help as we create a digital profile for all your search results, working to create elevation across the entire spectrum of search essentials, including among other services:

1. Content optimization
2. Keyword optimization
3. Linking structure build
4. Reciprocal linking build
5. Inbound linking
6. Meta information development
7. Keyword advertising optimization
8. Advertising PURL build
9. Orphan website development
10. Domain acquisition
11. Search Engine submission

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