Our Clients

Unique perspectives and amazing products and services are the norm.

Over the years we’ve had a wide variety of clients. All of them have been unique, wonderful and focused on being the best they can be at what they do. They’ve all had one common element, though: that their marketing position reflect their exceptional product or service.

As a result, our experience is vast and knowledge deep working with a history of amazing minds and compelling products. Whether it is a “start up” business finding their niche and just getting off the ground, or a large company bringing in 50 million in revenues but still desires to understand their market position better, Merge Left Marketing has been instrumental in developing, educating and launching everything marketing.

We’ve helped our clients with business development, organizational structure, strategic marketing deployment, brand management, product development, online presence, traditional media, creative and more. We’ve worked at every level with our clients.

Some clients just want a simple email or two sent out every month.

Some clients desire a complete make over of their company awareness and branding.

Whatever the mix or plans, Merge Left Marketing adjusts to the speed of our client and ensures clear communication, plans and execution at a high level. We’ve included a portfolio and some case studies, as well as some example work on specific marketing channels to help you understand previous work we’ve done, and what would be possible with your own marketing. Have a look around and then give us a call. We’ll connect with you and find the best avenue for your success.

We bring reality to the wishes and dreams of our clients.

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