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Branding Case Study*

Note: *Cited is sample only of previous work with clients and is an amalgamation of several “real world” examples. Names and specifics have been redacted to protect client information.

A Merge Left Marketing client was delivering several million dollars a year in revenues but desired to reinvigorate its brand identity for more growth. The company’s overall equity was diminished somewhat to under-performing marketing. Merge Left Marketing evaluated the company strategy, the business systems in place and the marketplace for assessment of core competencies, which included:

1. Strategic evaluation, direction and implementation to increase revenues and market share.
2. Focus on providing branding direction and marketing representation for aligned identity collateral.
3. Providing strategic marketing deployment tied to determined, metric-based revenue goals.
4. Marketing implementation for digital space, traditional avenues and additional integrated
mixes as emphasis for company marketplace.

The resultant “first iteration” review prompted brand redevelopment, including:

1. Customer Value Proposition Development (CVP) and Articulation – Developed customer value proposition focused on the root essence of brand for the company. This included educational segments and working through marketing conceptual that aligned to current and prospective client base. The resulting outcomes included a CVP statement that would guide the company resource allocation and direction based on brand message, not competitive pressures. CVP created stake for the company future as relates to the strategic objective goals, including problem statement and objective statements.

2. Brand Hierarchy Development – Provided strong direction and recommendations for brand hierarchy, including the needed perspectives on what functional areas of marketing mattered most for the organization and tied all main areas of focus to revenue and results for client. The result was creating a structure that could support addressing the “problem statement” and the objectives goals born out of the research and implementation scope of work developed.

3. Creative Brief Development and Publishing – Developed and launched monthly calendaring, content and graphics plan integrated with strategic deployment timelines via Microsoft Project plans. The project included human capital allocation, time sensitive tasks and strategies, brand aligned milestones, and an implementation calendar that would be adhered to for success indicators.

4.Strategic Leadership Team Development and Strategic Plan Review Schedule – Education segments elevated the level of understanding for the Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) process oriented management structure, which the team developed and put into place to ensure company adherence to strategic marketing plans. Ultimately, Merge Left Marketing vetted out three main branches of strategic deployment that included marketing, revenue and operations. This first phase of strategic launch focused on “marketing” aspects. Future iterations planned include organizational and core competency development, legacy planning, business operations improvements and leadership development.

5. Marketing Implementation tied to all strategic allocation decisions – The roll out of the strategic deployment included several implementation pieces including:

a. New website development and launch, SEO and SEM campaigns tied to brand development.
b. Launch of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other key social media campaigns, advertising and development including all content and graphics to support digital footprint.
c. Print pieces developed and launched that aligned with online developments including improved Direct Mail campaigns and timing, postcards, emails, brochures and other calls to action tied to marketing program.
d. Proofing, editing and/or writing of all copy generated by client for publication.

6. 18 Month Strategic Deployment Launch, including main strategic objectives, DMAIC process vetted and published plan. This strategic deployment covered three main determined areas of operations, marketing and finances and included several subordinate categories:

a. Marketing function development
b. Digital marketing
c. Publication schedule
d. Revenue projections
e. Employee job description development
f. Leadership development and training
g. Predictive modeling for financial health
h. Legacy planning
i. Marketing spend and overhead cost reductions


First iteration deployment was successful with launch of web property and significant content and brand improvements, structural and UI upgrades, and SEO and conversion focus. We changed the branding scheme for the company to a more market sensitive approach. We increased core competencies of the company significantly for current marketing climate. Finally, we cut overhead costs dramatically and reduced unneeded spending and systems not needed to operate more efficiently. Lead generation and engagement online and through traditional marketing avenues increased.

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