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Case Study: Facebook, Twitter and Social Advertising Campaign*

Note: *Cited is sample only of previous work with clients and may be an amalgamation of several “real world” examples. Names and specifics have been redacted to protect client information.

Merge Left Marketing has been involved with many clients in order to provide content, graphics and lead generation for Facebook and other social media outlets. We manage the process, the postings, the moderation and the engagement.

A local company who brought in revenues of approximately 3 million per year but had an underdeveloped social media program was looking to engage clients, prospects and develop additional revenue streams while creating greater brand awareness. In order to do this we created:

1. Social media ad budget/marketing spend and implementation strategy including postings, content and graphics

2. Ad targeting and demographics messaging

3. Campaigns designed to funnel traffic to Facebook or website.

4. Calls to action, PURLs (on website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) and corresponding graphics and copy.

5. Reporting and objectives

Summary of results:

Facebook and Twitter campaigns ran for 14 months with paid and organic content listings, promotion and brand awareness. We gained our client over 267,000 likes on Facebook and developed engagement that was strong enough to generate new leads in many different areas. New areas included new product development and segmented approach to social media demographics different than brick and mortar location.

This led to the creation of a whole new brand to meet the expectation of the consumer base created. We ended up developing a new website, email marketing program, direct mail program and marketing budget to meet the needs of the new audience.

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