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Case Study: Web Development.*

Note: *Cited is sample only of previous work with clients and may be an amalgamation of several “real world” examples. Names and specifics have been redacted to protect client information.

Merge Left Marketing is often approached by prospective clients who want us to make their company a device responsive website. We don’t just sign businesses up at that point for whatever website. Instead, we take inventory of the outcomes from any design and function, scalability and future of the site. We attempt to understand who the consumer is and what the website will do for him. We make sure we know the company objectives and what the consumer will do for the business while at the site. That is to say, website development is always a two way conversation between the consumer and the business – to do less in the development would make the conversation “one-sided”.

Our client desired a brand new property to engage customers in a deeper way that allowed the customer to register or “sign up” on the site via a registration wall, then track their preferences and information (data mining) for a dual purpose. First, they hoped to reflect the content the business would most like on the advertiser/vendor side in terms of promotion and lead generation through an online sales funnel. Second, they also hoped to provide a better content space for the user to enjoy.

We developed a user friendly website that was optimized for the consumer after due diligence in targeting the exact types of prospects our business client wanted. It wasn’t enough to get “traffic”. The client desired qualified leads that were more likely to purchase, or had a stronger intent to purchase than just general traffic.

In a strategic move that was key in development, we created new content to place weight and importance on the pages for organic search relevance. So we created a library of new articles, blogs and social media posts to help the site quickly make sense to users and search engine crawlers.

Along with the optimized online presence of our client, a mobile application that reflected the content online, had “push” notifications from the app. and was available on the Apple and Google Play stores.

Finally, we connected a point of sale system online from the user to a gateway to merchant account to bank.

Merge Left Marketing was able to create a powerful new website that not only was practical in terms of user interface, focused on design and ease of navigation, but was also able to embed all the functionality desired at a business friendly cost structure. The return on investment for the cost of design, hosting and functionality far exceeded the start up funding for the site.


The ultimate goal of any website design, as in this case, is to tailor the site functionality and design to the needs of the client, while meeting or exceeding industry and consumer standards for expected outcomes online. We don’t simply design a site. We provide a tool for the business and the consumer to have a conversation, make a sales and continue engagement.

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