About our company.

Why it all began.

Merge Left Marketing was founded in 2006 to do one thing: create a personal approach to better strategic marketing for businesses. The founder and CEO, Martin Perez, wanted to create marketing that wasn’t based on only promotion or advertising, or selling “stuff” to people. Instead, he desired to get to the passion and heart of the client and share their story with others. Martin firmly believed that people buy from people. Relationships matter…sometimes, even more than the product itself.

As the company has grown from a small consultation to a small shop, to a larger firm, we’ve retained the small shop heart while attracting large shop talent. Merge Left Marketing focuses on ground up understanding of the client, the products or services, the market position and strategic future. Only by understanding all facets of the business is the client able to truly gain a strong placement in the consumer mindset. So, we provide a vast array of services to make this happen. Whether it’s web development, email marketing, social media marketing or brand and business development, Merge Left Marketing is structured to help companies realize the potential for revenue growth, awareness build and precise branding. There is a lot of competition out there. And a lot of that competition is spending a lot of money on awareness and advertising. We desire to help people compete in a real way no matter the budget or market.

Ultimately, we have grown into a “small shop” marketing firm of several creative, talented well-versed individuals who have a desire to create stellar performance for our client’s bottom line. To help them articulate powerful brands, products and services to customers who may not know the opportunities there. We come along side our clients as advocates in a world that often wants to snuff them out competitively. We are our clients friends when it comes to marketing and business development.

What started as an idea in the founder’s mind has blossomed into a firm that can handle much more than one man ever could on a scale that is stronger, more powerful an executes on a strategic and high-caliber level. Welcome to Merge Left Marketing.

Creativity that makes sense.

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