20 Signs Your Marketing Plans Won’t Work

Ever open a Cosmo magazine and wonder how exactly the author knows your failings as a lover or best friend? Did they follow you around? Now, you can also get the same voyeuristic, “How did they know that?” response to your marketing plan development. (You do have a marketing plan, right?)

Trying to figure out how successful your business’ marketing plans are going to be? Developing some angst over the unknown brilliance you’ve put together to ensure you meet sales projections? Read the following 20 signs your marketing plans won’t work and hesitate (and find help) executing until you overcome or remove these concerns.

1. You’ve spent more time thinking about the amount of money you’ll make than how you’ll actually make that amount of money.

2. You haven’t spent time thinking about your customer value proposition – or don’t know what a customer value proposition is.

3. You believe everyone is a potential customer.

4. You align your thinking with Kevin Costner: “Build it and they will come.”

5. You’ve read the book by Seth Godin on building a distinctive brand (The Purple Cow) but you haven’t read anything on what to do with that cow once you’ve built it.

6. “Internet Schminternet.” You can drive your business through other channels just fine.

7. You haven’t considered integrating your marketing collateral – or, similar to point 2, you don’t know what marketing collateral is.

8. You believe you can handle your own marketing plan development without outside help of any sort. After all, marketing is easy…

9. You have also considered going out for American Idol, because singing is easy.

10. You believe good marketing equals advertising. And lots of it. Exclusively.

11. You don’t know what your desired outcomes (the metrics) from your marketing plan should be.

12. You know your business very well. You are an expert at it. But you just don’t know how to talk to people about it, or bring in clients like you expected.

13. Deep down, it is more important for you to have your customers hear what you have to say about your product or service than for you to listen to what your customers have to say about your product or service. After all, if your costumers only knew how good your product or service was.

14. You don’t have a website…or you do, you just don’t know what to do with it.

15. You don’t have a social media representation; you don’t belong to networking groups; you haven’t heard of LinkedIn.

16. You are reading these points and thinking: “Boy, my marketing plans really aren’t going to work.”

17. You haven’t considered what you will always deliver to your customer. Always.

18. You think that great marketing is developing a great slogan. Or several great slogans.

19. You want to “monetize” social media, but mostly that’s because you recognize monetization as a buzzword in the marketing industry.

20. You don’t have help finding out exactly what your strategy should be for successful marketplace entry or base expansion.

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