Second That Emotion

Perhaps you’ve come across this saying before: “Emotions can be controlled.” Maybe you’ve heard someone say, “You decide to feel whatever you feel.” Or even a phrase like, “Don’t let your emotions control you; control your emotions.”

Why is it, do you suppose, people spend so much time denying the undeniable?

The simple fact is that emotions play a real part in consumer decision-making. As much as you may feel that emotions are a small thing, they play an ever-increasing role in purchase decisions.

Think about why people support sports teams.

Seems irrational at first, doesn’t it? Why would anyone spend money to watch a sports game, cheering whenever their team scores, yelling at the top of their lungs in disappointment when the team does poorly? But when you focus on the reason they support teams, there is a very specific cause to this irrational behavior.

When people support their sports teams (and thus the rooting of), it provides a natural, emotional connection that serves as a means for that person to find identity. In other words, the emotional connection creates a real experience for the supporter.

Similarly, in order to develop a product, service or brand that a person “roots for” (purchases), you must create an emotional connection that creates a deeper experience for the consumer. I refer to this emotional tie as the “moving” strategy of brand management.

Be Moving – experiential marketing can be a great thing. It develops loyalty, affinity and brings in more sales if done right.

When you can deliver a strong, emotional connection with your brand through your messaging, artwork, language or online presence, you have actually created a “home field” advantage of sorts. You’ve strengthened your possibilities of future support from your targeted consumer. It is something you need to consider strongly in your next planning session or creative meeting.

Emotion can cause great stress – but equally, if understood, emotion can create great success for a marketing campaign or idea. The key is to identify that emotional connection and capture it appropriately.

Maybe emotions cannot be controlled. But they certainly can be used to develop a competitive advantage.

Here’s a preview of brand principle “R.” Be Real – the last thing your customers need is another “slick” sales presentation. Be more than another huckster by understanding what personalization means. Provide a needs-based service that will always complete the loop of customer satisfaction.

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