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Brand that matters

The ability to develop substantial brand communication has suffered. It’s not necessarily the fault of the brands themselves but seems to rest on delivery and communication methods. Arriving in the last 10 years is an unprecedented accessibility to publication and consumers. Gone is the slow burn and thoughtful presentations brands relied on. In it’s place the quick, down and dirty availability of social media and online distribution is an often careless “push marketing” frenzy. More succinctly, in a world that proposes to deliver profundity in 140 characters and relies on large images and brief quotes to provide impact and substance for consumers, the ability to create deeper, long-lasting foundations for brand building has faulted.

Pro”Active” Marketing

How does someone who owns his or her own business become a more effective marketer? There are some important things to look at this summer that can help a business develop more pro “active” marketing implementation and become less focused on “after the fact” indicators. While it’s a good idea to know the response indicators of poor performance, relying on them for business decisions is not priming the business for success. Using leading indicators and creating success with known expectations is a more powerful position for any business marketing plan. It’ll help you now, and during the oncoming lull that summer can lead you to believe it is…but if you are active, isn’t.

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