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The Most Important Brand in the World

Steven turned seven years old. He celebrated as he sat in a lavishly decorated living room with twirled streamers, blue and red balloons, plates with printed webs and a large plastic caricature of Spider Man as the center piece on a table. A gathering of children encircled the youngster, craning their necks to see what Steven would wish for as he blew out the candles of his cake. It was as if, for a moment, they expected he would break tradition and say aloud what he wished for. And, while he did not do the unthinkable and wish aloud for his most desired gift, it was clear from much earlier on in his childhood, at least to his closest friends and family, what his wishes were. Steven wanted only one thing, to create the most important brand in the world. It would be the brand that saved the world.

Make Your Meetings Productive and Profitable Again

Have you ever been in a really horrible meeting? You sit there for hours thinking, I’ve got so much work to do and this is going nowhere. Worse than that, your peers and leaders are distracted by their phones buzzing, or department heads are arguing about which way to go with a particular idea and it reaches a heated, unprofessional level.

Years ago I worked for a book publisher. Once a quarter we had meeting to lay out the upcoming publishing plan for the next quarter. Approximately 20 people attended. There was a lot to cover in four hours or so. The first meeting I attended, I noticed a big, orange, bell (probably from a Pit game) positioned within reach of the president’s chair. Anyone in the room could ring the bell if someone went off scope of the meeting agenda. I remember a few times someone even rang the bell when the president drifted off course (to which everyone responded with laughter.)


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