How do people find you?

Device responsive website design that is both beautiful and functional. It’s the perfect storm of business development in one package.

Does your website reflect your brand?

It’s a question every business must ask itself. Unfortunately, the answer is often far from where the business wants it to be. Either the affordability, the logistics or the knowledge of the company keep it from getting to the place where it’s website matches the strategy or the look and feel desired. Instead, the cheapest or easiest option becomes the default website.

Before you get your next website you may want to have us come in and build you the site you have always wanted. Don’t settle for an over-priced (or under-priced) solution that leaves you wanting more. Instead consult with our team of experts as we not only create a visually stunning representation of your business, but create a space you can be proud of.

At Merge Left Marketing we strip away all the pretense and provide you with the guidance and know how to create a website including:

Content management system

Friendly URLs


Brand-aligned website content and graphics

Device responsive for tablets, phone or desktop computing

Domain acquisition

Internet safety and security

Linking structure

User interface navigation tailored to your needs

Hosting and maintenance


Social connectivity

Updating as appropriate

Email marketing integration

Search Engine Optimization

High-caliber websites that perform on multiple levels.

High-caliber websites that perform on multiple levels.

Get a website that matters. Contact us now.

Get a customized website that reflects the personality, brand and position of your company.

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