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Not everything online can be controlled. But why not control everything online that you can?


When companies ask what their SEO is like or if we can improve it, we ask them if they’ve ever seen their digital footprint. The typical answer is no. Actually the typical answer is more like “huh?”

Businesses are busy running business. As a result that singular focus leads to some success in whatever business companies are in. To ask a company who specializes in furniture, or car sales, or any other ware or widget to also understand the constant changes in digital landscape around them would be asking a company to set itself up for certain failure.

At Merge Left Marketing we specialize in marketing channels such as digital footprint development. We understand that your company needs to be the best at what it does, so we try to constantly evolve, understand and implement new tools to become the best at what we do to compliment your efforts.

A company’s digital footprint is a set of elements its entire online space occupies, from its website to online reviews, its search listing to its page rank, its content to its offline integration and more. The only way to understand and grow the space (or footprint) is to fully understand what’s out there, what needs to be out there, and how to maximize what may be missing. Isn’t it time you made your online presence as high caliber as the product you sell? Let us partner with you to create and develop as powerful a digital footprint as possible for awareness, lead generation, conversion, impact and sales.

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