October 16, 2013

Focus on the ANYTHING

I’m going to talk about a sensitive topic today. It”s a topic, that while relevant to the world today, is almost taboo in it’s “PC”ness. Today I’m talk about fat. Of course I’m not asking “how fat are you?” Instead – how fat is your marketing program?

Recently, I exited a personal training session with my new strength and conditioning coach when i encountered another client. We exchanged a few pleasantries and I revealed over the last year I had lost 95 pounds. My new goal was to become superior in my physical fitness. She responded with something that caught me off guard: “Well, if you can lose 95 pounds you can do ANYTHING”.

That got me thinking in an way I didn’t anticipate. You see, isn’t that how people respond? We tend to lean towards or away from triumph for two reasons. First, we look at success and think “That’s something I can do…” and are inspired. Secondly, we look at success and we duck out of the way. We hide from it because we feel we cannot ever do the same…we can’t approach the same sort of success.

The other client’s response immediately showed me her perspective and approach on life…and it was clear there is a decisiveness about that perspective.

My question to you is this. As you consider your marketing, no matter the avenue, do you think to yourself “oh man, there is no way I can be that successful.” Or do you respond like this woman and say “Well ANYTHING is possible!”

All to often, like our own bodies, we can become lazy or sloth-like in our marketing endeavors. We rely on old tried and “true” methods of communicating to people regardless of the results and instead of taking a good long look at ourselves in the mirror and considering what we really could become. Or, the hill we see appears too large to overcome so we back off. Or hide.

Here’s a suggestion: instead of worrying about any past failures, or restrictions you might feel, focus on the ANYTHING. Look at the potential for success and rely upon that to drive you instead.

Your marketing CAN become very successfully if you know how to take that ANYTHING can be done perspective and support it with real life strategies, techniques, applications and technology.

Is your marketing “fat”? It’s time to get your marketing program in shape today. Take it from me…

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