July 17, 2014

The Personality and Perks of Your Own Custom e-Commerce Website

Blog-EcommerceShanna D. Gregor, COO

What does your e-Commerce website say about you and your business today? Is it something you’re proud of that drives business revenue for you? With the majority of goods and services made available online today, your customer is looking for a stand-out site that compels them to connect with you and your brand. Does your home page begin to tell the story of why your customer needs what you have to offer?

We have discovered how to tell your story online with personality that carefully outlines the benefits of doing business with you. The perks of a custom-created and designed layout from the home page is carried into the rest of the pages in the site that delivers what you are striving for and your customers discover they need.

With several key areas on the homepage, you can highlight important information about your organization that your consumers need to know. This might include a company overview, list of services, and possibly customer testimonials.

Beyond establishing an effective homepage, we’re able to build a site for you with personalized uniform resource locators (PURLS). These additional pages not only contribute to the amount of brand aligned content, but they also enhance your search and page rank whenever potential customers are seeking ways to have their needs met.

So often clients are frustrated with the inability to update and add to their webpage without the assistance of the person who built or designed their site. Our clients are thrilled to find that content management is within their grasp. With unlimited information pages, adding pages to your site is easy. When pages are added, menus are updated automatically. As with many of the CMS modules there is an easy editor to format your content. You may be surprised to find that if you’re familiar with Microsoft Word, then you can easily manage much of the content in your site. Each general page will have a friendly URL for easier to understand web addresses.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let our team help you experience the perks of a website that tells your story and reflects your personality and brand today.

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