Digital Marketing

SEM – Merge Left Marketing is an expert and how to develop and launch, measure and track results of your ad dollars through multiple online services including Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram and other social tools. Get the most from your ad dollars and start seeing the results you need to ensure long0term viability for your organization.

But it doesn’t stop there. We also integrate SEO practices that elevate your digital marketing and re-marketing efforts. Lower the costs of your PPC programs with significant SEO help on your online web properties. Get the best search tools as support.

Looking for other online tools to help manage your business? We can install and manage many different kinds of programs from Live CHat deatures, to online citation listings, to blogging steams and podcasts, Youtube video and more.

The online marketing world is changing rapidly and leaves hardly any room for error. Get the help you need to navigate the channels available and understand what avenues are the best to select for your marketing plans.

Social Media Marketing

Studies and marketing research has clearly shown that social media channels are where your consumer reside every day, many for hours at a time. With the online captive audience at your fingertips it’s no wonder there are so many choices to be had. So what is a business to do? Merge Left Marketing learns about your company as much as we can then delivers the best strategy for social engagement – depending on the results desired and expected from your company. We target everything from users to likes, to funnels to sales. We come up with the best strategy together so you know exactly what to expect from our social media work.

Facebook – we create profiles, artwork and posts manage copy and user, develop links and drive traffic.
Instagram – We create and launch profiles, connect to your website, provide copy images and communicate with your customers to provide the best online engagement.
Twitter – We develop profiles and content to provide heavy engagement. We connect to other web properties as needed. All of it in an effort to build a well-rounded online presence.
LinkedIn, Youtube, Vimeo, YELP and other online video, business channels are also included in our social media connectivity suite. Together we work to your business’s ultimate success.

Graphic Design and Print Collateral

How you look to your customers is important for branding, sales and messaging. Don’t take it lightly and use just anything or anyone. Instead, if you are serious about doing the best, use a trusted company that understands how to integrate your imagery. At Merge Left Marketing we understand design and graphics and how they play with online and in-print use. We design and ue high-quality original content to help you make the most impact.

Merge Left Marketing creates custom designs, logos, email marketing, webdesign and other graphic design elements that provide exceptional aigned creative for your company.

Here is a brief list of graphic-oriented projects we do:

  • Company logos
  • Social Media images and artwork
  • Brochures
  • Direct Mail (postcard, letterhead, envelopes, response devices)
  • Pamphlets and eBooks
  • Tradeshow displays
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Email Marketing
  • Employer handouts, employee handbooks, etc.
  • One sheets with specs
  • Display advertising (benches, Billboards, stadium designs, bus signage)
  • Web Development
  • Search Engine Marketing paid ads (Gogle, facebook, Instagram, Twitter, re-marketing)
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