July 23, 2014

Summertime Sadness


Keeping your small business going during a tough season

Shannon Jelle, Operations Manager

While summer is not universally a tough season for every small business owner, in Southern Arizona it can be the toughest, as snowbirds and college students go home, and regular residents head out of town to avoid the heat. As temperatures rise, all of this typically adds up to a decrease in business. The following are some constructive ways to beat the heat, avoid “Summertime Sadness” and maintain revenues while your walk-in traffic slows.

An efficient website can do a lot to put yourself out there, even while your regulars are gone. Depending on the type of business you run, offering to sell products on your website, instead of only from a brick and mortar location, can not only help out during the slow season, but also open you up to an entirely new and fruitful client base.

Pairing that website with an effective social media presence can work wonders because it can put you directly in touch with your customers, and remind them of your existence. It’s also a great way to engage them year round and entice them with specials or coupons that are only available if they follow you online. People like working with and buying from other people, not necessarily businesses, and by placing the presence of your business on a responsive platform, like Facebook or Twitter, it encourages potential customers to interact with you.

There’s no quick fix to turning around slow business. This is why planning earlier in the year is a great way to build momentum and create a snowball effect that will bring in new business, just in time for summer or your particular slow season.

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