If a Crowd Draws a Crowd…What Does One Man Draw?

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It’s long been an adage that a crowd draws a crowd: that is, if you can get a few customers, more will be drawn to your company, event, business, etc. But there is nothing to say your customer will stick around once they discover what you are offering or doing…unless, you’re unique in your content too. Not just your approach.

As you plan your promotion, or event, or “offer,” you must have a reason for the event to exist. Remember this adage as well: the environment won’t bring sales. Only your ability to convert will.

So, understanding this, what can one person do as opposed to the mechanism of creating a crowd to bring in business (examples would be traffic generators online, Facebook like, mass marketing, and viral videos)? Well, instead of focusing on generating numbers, you can focus more on what happens once your customer gets there. Do you have e a specific offer than converts? Do you have a deal that makes sense to the people who do see you? Can you pay attention to individual customers?

Remember, customers are people too. They aren’t just a core “group” or representation of demographics you are approaching. They are specific, individual people who are whole and complete. They have like and dislikes. They have preference and things they avoid. As a result, you gave to look at them completely and be able to talk (no matter the method) with them completely.

Then, and only then, will your conversion become more realistic, drawing in people, not numbers. Will you be able to increase your efficiency in the resources you have as a result. So – what does one man draw? If done correctly, he draws a sale. Which is more than can be said for simply drawing a crowd that never buys a single thing.