You Don’t Get What You Deserve…You Get What You Negotiate

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There are some cold, hard facts to life that affect every one of us; facts that, despite our strongest resistance, rear their ugly heads and push us towards insanity and less success if we let them. Yes, there is the death and taxes side to things as well. But even more insidious and disheartening in nature is the reality that our checkout line will always become the longest one the second we pull our grocery cart up. Or the sad truth that no matter how hard or frequently we try to say “cool things” in cool situations we’ll almost always fall flat on our conversational faces in direct proportion to our efforts.

And, finally, the harsh reality that whatever good or bad you’ve done in your life, you’ll never get what you deserve in your business dealings. Instead, you’ll only get what you negotiate. Period.

There’s an adage that can help clear things up and help determine what the next steps are to succeeding in your business and marketing plans.

The premise is: You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. But the caveat is if you learn to negotiate you will not only get what you deserve, you’ll also probably get even more than you deserve…

What do you deserve?

Have you asked yourself that question before…or do you ignore the fact that others my not exactly have your best interests at heart? If you have asked yourself that question, what was your answer? Was it a fanciful response, maybe even righteous? Or were you a little more sober and desperate? Regardless, if someone is looking out for you or not, and regardless of what your answer was, a simple principle will help you find better success in your

business and marketing plans. The principle is that you focus on what you deserve and you should always focus on what you know – and work towards it.

In essence, if you specifically focus on the results and then plan your route to those results, it won’t matter what you expect or “deserve.” Instead, the outcome will be based exactly on the ratio of work you dedicate to that result. When you get down to it, successful people in business and marketing get better results when they are focused, have a plan, and don’t figure on getting anything. Instead, they focus on working to the goal and know that the outcomes are related to that.

The crazy thing is even if successful people work and still fail to get where they were headed, they’ll start up again in this sort of relentless pursuit. Now tell me. Do you think someone who is focused on simply getting what they deserve could compete with someone who is focused, working and persistent in their deliberate attempts at success? Sounds a little critical, doesn’t it? Well, it should…because it’s the truth. It’s also a fine line. It’s a route that requires discernment, dedication, and awareness. Work and get results. Don’t work and expect results.

How to negotiate

Why that’s all fine and well, you may utter. And you may think I’m talking about is that you should lower your expectations and then be pleased by the results, rather than expect something and be disappointed. You’d be wrong. What I am talking about is being completely aware of your market, competitive forces, and strategy…then executing on such a high level that your subsequent maneuvers are bound to be more successful. That is the negotiation part.

When you can negotiate your surroundings and your specific actions all in a coordinated effort, you have just become more persistent than most of your competitors…and, likely, more exceptional at what you do. And by becoming more persistent and exceptional, you position yourself and your company for greater results.

It’s true: You never get what you deserve. That’s probably a good thing, though. Because that depends on chance, favor, and unreliable circumstances. But when you know that you only get what you negotiate

(Whether in a contract, your business deals, your marketing or otherwise) then you are taking action into your own hands. By becoming more deliberate in your execution you are focusing on results, not what you hope (deserve).

We began by saying that there are certainties in life that will always get in the way. But just like if you stop trying to be cool you may impress someone, when you start working on negotiating your success instead of depending on what you deserve, you’ll find that you are more successful, more accomplished and have a better chance at reaching your business and marketing goals.