July 23, 2013

You’re My Best Friend: Content Distribution

There is an old poem where the question is asked: “How do I love thee/let me count the ways.” In a sort of spin on that question I ask you: “How do you distribute your business information and communication streams?” Can you count the ways? Perhaps an even better question is do you know what your communication streams even are?

I find that the typical response to this question is underwhelming with most organizations. There is some idea of what is being said, but nothing concrete…and definitely no inventory of streams that can be “counted”.

Distribution of your content and what types of content you distribute can be one of the most important marketing strategies your company deals with. By re-purposing content, distributing it through various channels and integrating those channels you can create more efficiency in your marketing spend and financial budgets. Not only that, your awareness developments more rapidly for your company or business and therefore creates better response for consumers.

One of the ultimate goals of your business marketing plan should be to grow revenues and sustain awareness in the marketplace for future profits and brand equity. If you don’t, or can’t, inventory your streams of distribution at this point, you need to spend some time getting to that point. Only then can you understand the impact of where you spend your dollars and how effective your reach is.

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